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New in the forum

Postby jennturner » Tue Jul 21, 2015 8:18 pm

Hi All,

I have a 26 months old girl, who was just recently red flagged for autism, they didn't want to diagnose as they are not completely sure it is Autism. The developmental pediatrician has recommended 20 hours a week for ABA +3 hrs of Speech Therapy. We currently live in Abu Dhabi and there is very limited care and support over there. In our plans before getting this recommendations were to relocate back to the US next July and we were looking at Charlotte, NC. With this now we are really trying to figure out whats the best place for her to get the supports she needs and trying to get back sooner. My husband can move back to any state as he is a consultant and will have flexibility of where we choose to live. For now i have a SLP back in Abu Dhabi but insurance doesn't cover none of the ABA and priority is given to locals so we really don't know how long it will take for us to get that ABA schedule.
At the moment we were are here in the US and are schedule to return back to Abu Dhabi on friday, i just would like some recommendations as to where is the best states to live with autism and if you recommend any further steps that we should take.
As well as if 20 hrs of ABA is something regular for a high functioning autism?

Thanks in advanced


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Re: New in the forum

Postby Winnie » Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:52 am

Hi Jennifer -- welcome to the forum.

I am reluctant to recommend a state -- I certainly wouldn't recommend my own. If I had to pick I would probably choose California due to their regional center system, but I'm not familiar with the available services in each state for comparison. North Carolina is the epicenter of TEACCH, and years ago was less ABA-friendly than California and a few other states, but I don't know what the current climate in NC is where provision of ABA services is concerned.

Meanwhile, speaking as a parent from in a state with few EI resources, especially as this applies to ABA and anything even approaching sufficient intervention hours/frequency, it might be helpful to invest in some training for you. There are many resources (workshops, conferences, online webinars, books, and DVDs) that may help you work with your child. And you will likely be the only constant (and safety net) in terms of intervention all along the way.

If you would like some recommendations, a number of parents here can probably help. Good luck with your move!
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Re: New in the forum

Postby niceyes » Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:04 am

Hi Jennifer,
I am a mother of a 3,5 y.o. boy.
I am doing 6 hours per week of ABA sessions in Russian with my son. REALLY WANT HIM TO SPEAK RUSSIAN :D :D :D
The private BSBA ( she is from US but lives in Switzerland) is doing 10 hours per week in English.
For 6 month I was looking at what she does and HOW she is dealing with my marvelous boy,
It was sort of a field training :D
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