Android application for autists

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Android application for autists

Postby timo » Sat Aug 15, 2015 5:19 pm

Hi everybody,

My name is Timo and I am software developer of the team SmileMeBack and would like to share with you an Android application we developed.

The app is basically a picture gallery with a number of extra features. One can categorize images and also record voice descriptions.
The idea of the app is to create personalized content for autists using images of familiar objects, faces, procedures annotated with familiar voice .

For example, you might have categories for family members (see the link below), various activities such as cooking dinner etc. What is really useful and effective, depends on the person using it.

A single category should have a number of images with voice annotations. For example, this screenshot describes steps required for preparing an omlette.

Creating customized content requires some extra work from family and friends, but it is definitely worth it as learning concepts, faces or any kind of activities will be easier.
However, as we just released the application, we would like to get feedback from a larger community in order to improve the application and make it as useful as possible.

A little about the project background: our team met at Garage48 Enabled event in Estonia focusing on ideas of how to create technology that would be useful for people with various disabilities. Within 48 hours, we completed our first prototype and got very inspiring feedback. Since then, beside our day jobs, it took us 6 months to build a complete application that we just released a few days ago.

So, please let us know, if the application is useful for you and especially we would like to hear when you have trouble using it or have any suggestions that might improve usability.

To download it, click here or search the Google Play for "smilemeback".
The application is 100% free and open source with no ads (and always will).

We also have a website, where you can get the contacts of the team and get more information (do not hesistate to contact us directly).
Also, you can check out tutorials from our Youtube channel: .

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