Is it better to give Vitamin D without Vitamin A?

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Is it better to give Vitamin D without Vitamin A?

Postby monkeyman » Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:03 pm

My son's Genova ION test came back and his blood levels of Vitamin D are very low. We are starting a pretty aggressive vitamin D supplementation plan, giving 10,000 IU a day.

I have read multiple forum posts over the past six months talking about how Vitamin A inhibits the uptake of Vitamin D. I was discussing this with our doctor today, and he said he had never heard of this. Our Vitamin A levels were fine, for what that's worth.

Does anyone have experience replenishing Vitamin D faster without Vitamin A?

I'm hesitant to get off Vitamin A completely because of it's wonderful qualities.

I have some CLO with no Vitamin A in it. Maybe I can give that instead of the CLO I have with a good amount of cis-form Vitamin A?

If there are any papers or other "evidence" of the benefits of giving Vitamin D without Vitamin A (and/or CLO), I would really appreciate anyone chiming in.


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Re: Is it better to give Vitamin D without Vitamin A?

Postby HALT1980 » Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:27 am

Ive read about vitamin K2 also needing to be given along with both of these due to vitamin d's moving of calcium. You might want to research that a little bit. I bruise very easily when I take cod liver oil, regular kind so I think I may need vitamin k myself!
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Re: Is it better to give Vitamin D without Vitamin A?

Postby kulkulkan » Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:56 am

Do both. Too much of one can deplete the other. You can check the Weston Price site for articles and reference to studies on this.

We supplemented both (on alternate days) as were deficient in both. We were able to get D levels to the desired range (50ng/ml) but not Vitamin A. This could be because we were aggressively supplementing Vit D but not being aggressive with Vit A. The optimal ratio between the two likely varies for each individual and is debatable, so best to supplement both and test periodically to adjust dosage accordingly.

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