Need top interventions for bad/leaky guts

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Need top interventions for bad/leaky guts

Postby monkeyman » Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:09 pm

I have been thinking more about gut/brain connection and don't want to get too ahead of ourselves as we start adding in a bunch of supplements and forget about the gut.

We've had good results with the B12 injections in the past five weeks, and are trying to lay the groundwork for starting AC chelation sooner than later.

I could use some suggestions on improving gut health.

My son is on probiotics (just switched to GutPro without inulin), TriEnza digestive enzymes, and Super Nuthera, NuThera companion, CLO, Vitamin D, and Zinc.

In the past week, we've had some watery bowel movements, some with little black specks and this morning with some sandy/grainy texture.

We've done stool tests in the past few months with Genova and Doctor's Data. They have both come back negative for bad bacteria, yeast and parasites.

However, we do have low gut diversity, and very high levels of lysozine and secretory IgA.

I believe this means there is some sort of underlying inflammation, or allergic reaction going on. We are pretty strict GFCFSF, so maybe it's the Super NuThera or the zinc causing the diarrhea. We weren't on these when we did the stool tests. Or maybe it's the digestive enzymes?

Anyways, I would love to know how you successfully got the gut to a place where it wasn't such an issue in recovery. I want to be able to absorb food and vitamins/mineral efficiently, chelate, and just let my little guy feel better.

Please share what's worked, and what hasn't, for you.


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Re: Need top interventions for bad/leaky guts

Postby varen2 » Mon Jul 27, 2015 3:38 am

Hi, You need to run OAT urine test. My son's stool test didn't show any bad bacteria, but his OAT Urine test showed high levels of waste product of Candida yeast overgrowth.
Stool test doesn't show Candida yeast, and in most cases stool test doesn't detect yeast at all.

This is the test: ... ll_oat.asp

My son has been on "Feast without Yeast" diet and Nystatin for 5 months now and he is almost free of all autistic symptoms.

For parents considering a diet, "Feast without Yeast" diet is BETTER than GFCFSF, GAPS or SCD diet. Apparently, SCD diet as well as others include foods full of mold and toxins which cause repetitiveness, slow brain function, and promote yeast overgrowth.

"Feast without Yeast" diet will help recover fully from autism if a child is 3 years old or younger and will help get symptoms under control and get a stable recovery to some extend for older children.

My son was very autistic and had no speech when he was 2 years old. He was extremely repetitive. He no longer made eye contact, no longer seemed to hear. He started having 5-10 tantrums per day and he would wake up every night screaming and head-banging on the floor. He had dark circles under his eyes, pale skin and a fear of separation with mother. He was lining up cars in a long line, later he was replacing toys from one box to another. He stopped saying "Hi" and "Buy". He stopped pointing at objects.

My son is now 2 years and 9 months old, and he is almost free of any autistic symptoms. He is saying 6-8 word sentences, his eye contact is excellent. He follows my directions, he is curious about everything. Some days he is a bit repetitive (he is not completely free of yeast yet). But most days he is a normal kid, he is progressing, learning, and just being a happy boy. Right now he is learning language just like a normal kid. He is repeating, rephrasing sentences, and asking questions. He has a great sense of humor, he understands emotions. His role play is amazing, he recreates stories from books with toys..

Just a few words about my son's medical history. He was a healthy boy. He never took any antibiotics. He never had any problems with constipation or diarrhea.He was breasfed for 8 months. He reacted badly to MMR vaccine when he was 13 month old. His autistic symptoms started when he was 18 months old.

When my son started a GFDFSF diet, he was getting better. His eye contact got better and he was generally more with us. However, he had some bad days and some good days. Something was setting him off.

We tried multivitamins, probiotics and GFDFSF diet. It helped somehow, but didn't treat autistic symptoms completely.
With "Feast without Yeast" diet and Nystatin, we had immediate and noticeable results. I believe that with this diet my son will be free of all autistic symptoms within a year or so.

Author of this diet, Dr. Bruce Semon has an autistic son. He treated his son and since then many other kids. He says that his diet and treatment worked for every autistic kid he's ever treated.

My son had an OAT Urine test, Stool test and Hair test for heavy metals from the Great Plains Laboratory.

An OAT Urine test showed high levels of waste product of Candida yeast overgrowth.
Stool test didn't show Candida yeast , and in most cases stool test doesn't detect yeast.
Hair test for heavy metals didn't show heavy metals.

"Feast without Yeast" diet is not as difficult or strict as SCD diet. However, this is a long-term treatment. Most kids have to stay on this diet for a few years. It works so well for my son and I believe this will help other children as much as it helped my son.

A few notes on the diet:

1) Diet works only in combination with Nystatin. Nystatin kills bad bacteria in the gut and lets the gut to heal over time.
Diet doesn't work on it's own.
1/3 of success is due to the diet and 2/3 of success is due to Nystatin.

2) All multivitamins and especially vitamin B have to be discontinued. They interract with Nystatin and it doesn't work if vitamins are taken during the treatment. Vitamin B6 and B12 are made from yeast (or made with the help of yeast), so you're pouring gasoline on the fire when you take high-dose Bs (like B6 or B12) orally.

3) You need to read the book "Feast without Yeast" to implement the diet. 

4) Probiotic cannot be taken with Nystatin. We just tried to introduce a "D-Lactate free" probiotic to my son and we had a major set back. It's best not to take probiotics.

A few notes on Nystatin:

1) We got Nystatin prescription from our regular pediatrician. We showed him OAT Urine test results and the book "Feast without Yeast". He gave us the prescription and 3 refills without any problems. We came back for another prescription with my son and showed him the progress my son is making with Nystatin. He was surprised by his progress, and gave us a second prescription with 2 refills.
Nystatin is a very safe antifungal, it's sold without prescription in Germany.

2) You have to make sure your child gets a full dose of Nystatin every day. The drug tastes very bad. I have to use a syringe to spray this drug to my son's mouth. I give him stickers every time he takes Nystatin and he forgets about the "aftertaste" right away.

This is the only way to give Nystatin to your child. Giving it with water or with other vitamins won't work. Your child will probably refuse to take it as it's very bitter. But it helps to get rid of all autistic symptoms, so it's worth it.

This is a short explanation and dosage of Nystatin: ... sect2.html

Just a quick quote from a mother of another autistic child on this diet:
"My son is, with this diet and Nystatin, finally what I would consider “fixed!” By fixed I mean he is able to sit at a table and attend to four hours of school without tuning out. He can write a full page of cursive without quitting. His gut is fixed. The night sweats are gone—this was a biggie, and our doctor thought it was metals. I now think it was yeast or mold. We are still getting big die-off symptoms, and the “yeast smell” many days, so there’s still lots in there, but each day his behavior is better and better. "
Her full review of the diet is here:

I absolutely agree her post.

Try to change your child diet according to this article by Dr. Bruce Semon: ... sect2.html

If you see positive changes on Stage 4 of "Feast without Yeast" diet, then go ahead and find the way to get prescription for Nystatin.

A few notes on my son's diet.
Right now he is feeling so much better, I can immediately see if some foods set him back.

My son is doing great with:
White rice, brown rice, red skin potatoes (no yellow skin potatoes,he reacts to them)
Green zucchini, broccoli, avocado, microgreen kale, asparagus, any other green veggies.
Veal, Lamb and Chicken in small doses every day.
Pure raw honey (not heated). He reacts to heated honey. Therefore, I bake rice muffins without honey and put some raw honey on muffins once they are cold.

Snapeas Crisps lightly salted;
Brown Rice crackers (nothing else added)

He is reacting badly to everything else including beans, yellow zucchini, sweet potato, yellow skin potato, all yellow vegetables, all fruit.

I am giving my son the following vitamins and they don't interfere with the diet:
1) Calcium powder with Vitamin D 800mg/day (Kirkman Labs)
2) Vitamin D and K (Liquid vitamin from Thorne Labs)
3) Zinc cream (Kirkman Labs)
4) Epsom salt baths (for Magnesium Citrate)
6) Vitamin E liquid should be fine when taken. My son doesn't take it right now, but I will update my post once we introduce Vitamin E to my son.

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