how to stop prednisolone

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how to stop prednisolone

Postby helplessmom » Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:54 am

My child has been on prednisolone and Entocort EC for 18 days, we did not observe anything positive. Steroids did not bring him speech as we expected, but brought him restless nights: he wondered the whole night, I have been become very exhausted. Melatonin did not help.

Considering the side effects of prednisolone, we want to stop prednisolone but want to make to withdraw it in a safe way. We started prednisolone from 4 ml for the first 10 days, and are now on 3.5 ml for the following 20 days, then 3 ml, 2.5 ml, 2 ml, 1.5 ml, 1 ml. The whole process lasts for 60 days.

Our question is: how to stop prednisolone? Cold turkey or tapering? Since 4ml is not a big amount, and we are not on prednisolone for a long, is it possible to quit taking it? Anyone is currently taking Entocort EC? Does this also affect sleep?

Any experience to share?

- a very anxious mom at midnight 3:40 am

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Re: how to stop prednisolone

Postby alexsdad » Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:26 pm

You need to call Krigsman and ask him to provide a plan to discontinue his protocol. I think he will advise you to taper for the next a few days. You probably can quit Entocort cold turkey but again consult Krigsman. He will still charge you $$$ for just telling you that his protocol didn't work but you need to get out of this mess ASAP.

Don't worry too much about the side effect. It is still a very low dose compared to what the neurologists use for autoimmune disease like LKS. Your child will be fine.

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Re: how to stop prednisolone

Postby FatherOf2 » Sun Aug 02, 2015 11:54 am

Sleep is important to rest and retain memories. Melatonin sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, and sometimes is reported to reduce seizure threshold. You may want to try Taurine, 500mg, before bed for sleep. It helps our son to sleep better and is known to increase the seizure threshold (i.e. reduce seizure occurrence).

For speech, besides prednisolone, Piracetam may help. Some kids start talking after taking anti-seizure meds like Keppra or Lamictal (need to test EEG first to see if there are epileptiform discharges). SSRI can also be a choice if you think your child has anxiety.

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