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Private Messaging: Terms and Conditions

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 3:00 pm
by webmaster
Information on Private Messaging

If you don't want to send or receive PMs, send me an email. I will turn off this feature for you.

If you read, send or use PMs, you agree that:

1. PMs, like emails, are not moderated by this board.

2. You cannot block someone from sending you a PM, but you can delete a PM without reading it. PMs are not anonymous. You will see the "user name" of the person sending it. You can put someone on your "Foes" list if you wish to ignore their posts and PMs.

3. PMs cannot be used in a way that violates the terms and conditions of this board, such as for sending spam, harassment, etc.

4. You can govern how you're notified of PMs (by popup windows on the board or by email, or neither) by clicking on your User Control Panel when signed in.

5. ModeratorBill will not accept as an excuse for a rules violation on the board: "S/he attacked me first by PM."

I hope this feature is useful to you