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Board Courtesy

Postby webmaster » Thu Oct 13, 2005 10:40 am

I wanted to post a reminder about board courtesy. Please refrain from name-calling, sarcasm toward other members, and personal attacks. We can disagree on issues and theories without making it personal.

I do understand that it's hard to keep it from being personal at times. One problem with any board or email list is that the written word can "sound" harsher than the writer intended. When we speak, we use inflection or tone of voice to moderate our words, but that isn't really possible with writing. (The emoticons are an attempt to do that, but not always effective). Please keep that in mind as you post and as you read the posts of others, and please try to give others the benefit of the doubt.

If a post or thread is unkind, rude or offensive, my best advice is to ignore it. There are a number of courteous posts that get lost in the mix and would benefit from the extra attention that could be bestowed on them if the discourteous threads were ignored.

Sometimes people want to "unload" about their personal situations but don't want advice from others. If that is the case, please mark your post in the subject line as a "rant" or "just unloading" so that well-meaning people do not attempt to give you advice you don't want.

This has been an especially kind and wonderful place in the years since we started the board, and we feel blessed by the many caring, knowledgeable and giving people who visit here and post regularly. People come here to learn, to connect with others, and to help others on the same journey with autism spectrum disorders. It is my deepest hope and belief that this will continue with a minimum of interference from me. :D
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