causes of yellow stool and acetylcholine receptors

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causes of yellow stool and acetylcholine receptors

Postby vivekmom » Tue May 19, 2015 8:26 am

A lot can cause yellow stools – improper bile flow, insufficient bile salts, giardia infection, yeast issues, improper digestion of fats etc., My son’s serum cholesterol is in range, yeast is under control. As per his liver function test, all liver enzymes are in range in the three reports done over a period of three years. His urine ph is at 6 all the times. When I consulted a GI/Liver specialist for yellow stool issue, he told me that there is no evidence to base treatment. He ruled out giardia as there is no watery stool. Still, he prescribed flagyl for giardia, in case. Even after this, we are seeing yellow stools and particularly saw yellow/pale/white colour with frequent bowel movements and when certain supplements are given.
I am giving my logic (may be with some gaps and repetition in some places - sorry).
Muscarinic ach receptors (M3 type found in the gut) are responsible for spasms leading bowel movement - ... nt&f=false
Nicotinic ach receptors are expressed in less intensity in brain regions of autistics and there is some mechanism that has affected the expression of nicotinic receptors but not the muscarinic receptors in Autistics as per some autopsy reports -
Now, coming to the yellow stool issue, this is my logic - I think when food goes in, bile release is triggered but before the bile could reach the food, food has moved on, fastly in the gut, due to the activity of M3 muscarinic receptors, due to some reasons.
1. Muscarinic receptors (M3 type in the gut) get activated by Nystatin according to Dr Yasko. Nystatin can do this apart from being effective for yeast issues in the gut as per the book - the puzzle of autism by dr yasko.
Muscarinic receptors (over?) stimulated by Nystatin move the food too fast in the gut causing yellow stool. I remember reading on this forum about this issue with Nystatin.
2. Most of the Available acteyl choline or the acetylcholine created due to the supplements like Phosphatidyl choline, DMAE etc., - becomes available to muscarinic receptors, to the M3 types in the gut, as there are no sufficient nicotinic receptors available in autistics or as they are not functioning properly due to toxins etc., So, most of the acetyl choline available in the body is received by muscarinic receptors which get over activated and move the food fastly in the gut causing yellow stool. This has happened in my son’s case when I added DMAE with phosphatidyl choline as per the book by Dr. Kenneth Bock, to increase the synthesis of acetylcholine.
3. More Acetyl choline becomes available when ALA is supplemented as ALA increases the activity of Acetylcholine transferase enzyme which produces acetylcholine. (This may be the reason for good improvement seen with ALA probably when nicotinic receptors are not affected). Even with 1mg of ALA, we saw yellow stool and frequent bowel movements with less quantity of stool like one or two tsp every time. I think due to the continuous stimulation of muscarinic receptors, continuous bowel movements are caused as the food moves through gut. This effect wore off and lasted one night in our case and then we stopped giving ALA.
Due to reason mentioned in Point # 2 above, muscarinic receptors receive most of the increased availability of acetylcholine as nicotinic receptors are not receiving them or not in sufficient quantities to receive Acetylcholine – overstimulation of muscarinic receptors causes yellow stool.
This same issue happened after second dose of vaxa attend at ½ cap per dose. Vaxa attend gave some improvement to us but it has undisclosed amount of ALA mentioned in “other ingredients”. We had to stop that too.
4. If the cause of yellow stool is this, then there is another possibility which can occur simultaneously. That is, when M3 type of muscarinic receptors get over stimulated, the m2 type muscarinic receptors found in heart muscle may also get over stimulated, but, M2 type causes slowing down the rhythm of heart when stimulated – which is a dangerous possibility when nicotinic receptor function is not proper - coupled with when more acetyl choline becomes available due to supplements like phosphatidyl choline, dmae, ALA etc., - ASD child would not be able to tell or tell clearly when this happens.
Liverlife, milk thistle etc help to produce brown stools and with elimination of toxins to some extent. But the unused bile which does not reach the food - Is it burning up the gut causing inflammation and reabsorption of toxins. I am thinking to give some fibre to absorb this unused bile sometime after the end of meal?
I think this yellow stool issue due to ach receptors problem has to be examined by GI and neuro specialists together. I could not talk this issue to any doctor as this is a complex chain of events and mostly as I do not get along with doctors very well. I do not know what to do for this situation if this is what happening with my son.
Without necessary acetylcholine there is not going to be much improvement in cognition, thought process, speech, motor movements etc., and fixing the nicotinic receptors becomes the key. Nicotine patches are suggested as a solution to this issue. Nicotine receptors are stimulated by Nicotine or by acetylcholine, but the actual use of nicotinic receptors in the body is to receive acetylcholine only. Nicotine patches may be used to stimulate them initially if it can fix the nicotinic receptors so that they can receive acetyl choline. So, how long is the nicotine patches be used to achieve this? Is there any indication as to when to stop the use of nicotine patches?

Can you guys examine this situation with your experience and suggest something?

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