Sensory Profiles of adults with autism

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Sensory Profiles of adults with autism

Postby ace22 » Tue Aug 11, 2015 5:23 am

Hi there,

My name is Abbie Elton and I’m currently doing a Master’s degree in Autism Studies at the University of Kent (UK).

For my dissertation I am researching Sensory profiles of adults with autism, and will be looking at comparisons between the profiles of males and females. Having worked with people with autism for over 10 years, I feel that sensory processing is often overlooked in the adult sector and there is not enough research out there to influence support for people with autism.

I am looking for adults (18 years old or over) with a diagnosis of autism to help me with my research by completeing the sensory profile questionnaire and a demographic survey. The two questionnaires will take no longer than 30 minutes in total to complete. All information will be kept confidential and you will not be required to disclose your name or contact details.

If you wish to take part please follow the link below: ... oP11QXLavP

I would be very grateful to those who do wish to take part in the study. If you have further information or any questions please contact me at

Thank you very much,
Abbie Elton

N.B- I did not see any rules or regulations on this forum regarding posting research details, however if this is not allowed please accept my apologies and do remove the post.

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