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GFCF art supplies

Postby bizymom » Sat Dec 24, 2005 11:51 am

Would it be possible to post this list under the references section? I pasted it from Missy's Aug. 31st post. It took me an awfully long time to find. I think others may find it to be a helpful reference.

Dana R.

With school coming I thought I would post a list of school items
> that are GF/CF safe.
> Chalk- Crayola
> Crayons- Crayola
> Foam/shaving cream- colgate shaving cream is GF/CF(non-
> white cream preferred)
> Glue(liquid)- Elmer's washable glue
> Glue stick- Elmer's purple glue sticks (glue goes on purple, dries clear)
> Paints(w/brush)- Palmer paint products; Crayola oil pastels,
> paint, and water soluble pastels:prism brand paints
> Paints(finger paints)- Crayola
> Paints(powder)- Crayola
> Play clay- Crayola model magic NO CRAYOLA CLAY- THAT CONTAINS
> Silly putty- Crayola
> Play-Doh- contains wheat use Crayola Model Magic
> Markers- Crayola(including Color Wonder as well)
> Stickers- Most contain gluten- If a sticker is placed on clothes
> paper, parent may allow it as acceptable. However, it is it is to
> taken away from the child if the child insists on putting any
> stickers on skin. The adhesive is transferring gluten directly
> through the skin.
> Lip balm- Burt's bee's
> Pasta- Make sure and ask that they don't supply anything but rice
> based pasta for art and or sensory activities.
> Make sure and confirm all this with your child's teachers
> I got this list from Ener-G Foods Summer News letter!

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Re: GFCF art supplies

Postby JoJo » Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:46 am

Crayola model magic is gf/cf.
Ross glue products are gf/cf.
Some stickers will contain gluten, however, post it notes, scotch tape, roseart stickers, sandylion stickers and smilemakers are gf.
Paints that are gf - Cayola, Palmer and Prang (including finger paints). Ross and Elmers (except for fingerpaints for both).

GF/CF Playdough recipe
1/2 cup rice flour
1/2 cup corn starch
1/2 cup salt
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 cup water
1 tsp. cooking oil
food coloring

Place all ingredients in a pot and cook on low heat, constantly stirring, until a ball is formed. Remove from heat. When cool, pat until smooth. Store in plastic bag.

Doughs made by Ross and Rose Art are NOT GF/CF.

Also, most classrooms have eliminated trips to the bathroom to wash hands before eating lunch and snack. Instead, hand sanitizers are used. Hand sanitizers will NOT eliminate any trace amounts of gluten on your child's hands. Children need to wash their hands prior to eating with soap and water. At the very least, send wipes to school with your child so they can wipe their hands with something to eliminate problem particles.
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