The Mu Rhythm Bluff by Jonathan Mitchell

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The Mu Rhythm Bluff by Jonathan Mitchell

Postby ylevental » Sat Apr 25, 2015 5:14 am

(I know I'm not supposed to advertise but the books forum is empty. If I can find another way to advertise I will do it.)

The author, Jonathan Mitchell is autistic himself. ... ythm+bluff

Some people are lucky at cards. Others are lucky at love. Drake Dumas is autistic and neither. He's a 49-year-old virgin who loves to play poker and usually loses. He finds out about an experiment involving brain wave training and a revolutionary technique called Transcranial magnetic stimulation in order to help mitigate his autism. Though it does not seem to help his autism, right after the treatment he finds himself a genius at poker, consistently winning and able to read other players due to charged up "mirror neurons", brain cells that intuit the actions and intentions of others, found to be deficient in autistic people. His luck also changes with women. However, whenever he seems to connect sexually with a woman, he loses his poker abilities. There does seem some truth in the old saying lucky at cards, unlucky at love for Drake. However, can having good poker skills entail danger for Drake. He encounters a beguiling journalist, interested in his talents, but can her knowledge and interest in Drake be threatening?

Drake must find a way to keep his poker abilities intact. He faces all of these challenges. In the process he will learn something about his autism, his attitudes toward it and love.

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